Imagine that the first rehearsal of your new orchestral work is about to begin. When a clarinetist sees you, she asks a question about a confusing notation and you realize there are no rehearsal letters in her part. How did that slip by? The conductor arrives and the rehearsal gets underway. You nervously take your seat in the hall as the orchestra begins to play the opening bars of your new commission. 

But a few minutes into the reading a trombonist enters too early and the rehearsal has to stop. Some people look your way. The librarian is asked to come to the stage, and time must be spent correcting the trombone part. Some musicians begin chatting amongst themselves. The orchestra manager glances at the clock. 

So little time is devoted to rehearsing new music. You can't afford to submit materials which don't measure up. You can't rely on "out of the box" notation software alone to produce truly professional looking scores and parts. At the very least the page layout, the spacing within bars, the ties and slurs, and even some of the fonts will need the attention that someone with a good eye and a lot of experience can provide.

How I can help

I offer quality, dependability and elegant design. I can input your music from scratch, or I can take your files, clean them up and get them to look right for you. My goal is to provide a product that is accurate, clear and legible, with the right spacing, abundant cues and intelligent page turns. As I work on your music you can depend on me to identify any notation that might mislead a performer and to provide suggestions for improvement. My materials will allow musicians to focus on performing your music, rather than be distracted by an inexperienced copyist's mistakes. It gives me great satisfaction when composers report that musicians went out of their way to say that their parts worked well.

If you have a publisher, I would be happy to use their notation specs. To date I've worked on projects published by or on rental from Presser, Schirmer, Peer, Schott, Chester and others. If you are self published, I will take the same care to use the most commonly requested publisher's specs in your music.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you continue to read about me and then contact me  to tell me about your upcoming projects.